What is Poetry Press Week?

Poetry Press Week is a biannual, avant-garde poetry showcase founded in Portland, OR. Modeled after the fashion industry's Fashion Week, the purpose of Press Week is to bring a dynamic new energy to the field of poetry: we believe that literature, poetry specifically, is as inherently exciting as any other art form, and Poetry Press Week is designed to demonstrate that it can be. Similar to Fashion Week, Press Week poets bring their latest unpublished work to the event and, instead of reading it themselves, produce fifteen-minute shows presented via models. Each poet chooses their methods and models to create a unique sensory experience of their poetry for publishers and editors seeking new work from both emerging and established talent. The event is also open to the public and provides a fresh avenue for non-poetry readers into the literary world.

How can Poetry Press Week serve your business?

Established in the winter of 2013, Poetry Press Week has quickly become one of the premier literary events of Portland, Oregon. The Fall/Winter 2014 season drew an audience of more than 450 people over two consecutive evenings. This audience of publishers, editors, writers, and readers is a diverse community, with well-defined tastes and pursuits in food and drink, fashion and art. We want to partner with stylists and designers, restaurants and distilleries, financial institutions, clothing labels, and publishers to build audiences in cities around the world and to carry out our challenge of creating new spaces for original, salable poetic work to be presented for public edification and literary publication.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact our Publicity Director, Heather Brown: heather@poetrypressweek.com

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