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Proposal Guidelines - Poetry Press Week PDX: June 17-18, 2016


Poetry Press Week was established in Portland, Oregon in 2013 with the mission of transforming the way unpublished poetry is presented to the literary industry, the media, and the public-at-large. To accomplish this, Press Week creates an avenue for the submission of unpublished works of poetry in front of an audience of those who have the power to publish and publicize it. The public-at-large is invited to join the audience as well, as each poet's unpublished work is unveiled. Additionally, Press Week strives to change the way all audiences engage with poetry by mandating that the new poems are not presented by the authors themselves, but under their aesthetic direction, allowing them the freedom to design a multisensory experience of their work; past presenting poets have called on actors, dancers, musicians, video artists, and djs.  By encouraging collaboration and bringing together the driving forces of literary production, Press Week hopes to revitalize the poetry publishing industry and revive popular interest in this art form.


In the Spring of 2016, Poetry Press Week will take place over two evenings at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center. Selection will be blind juried by a panel of established writers.

Proposal Process

To be considered for inclusion in Poetry Press Week, please submit the following in a single PDF file to: submissions@poetrypressweek.com:

New and unpublished poems that can be presented in ten to twelve minutes.

Include all poems as they would appear in print to be projected in full throughout the performance to provide an accurate representation of your saleable work. Please do not submit only a partial sample.

While we accept simultaneous submissions, we ask for prompt notification if your work is selected for publication and that you be prepared with alternate new and unpublished poems.

Forthcoming work will not be accepted; poems must be available for publication at the time of presentation.

We recognize that new work is susceptible to revision, but we do ask that you submit your work as it will be performed. No changes to finalized work will be accepted after four weeks prior to Press Week.

Performance details

Please provide an outline of events as they will unfold on stage. Include (as relevant) the number of performers, a prop list, and any foreseen technological needs. Be as descriptive as possible. For more information on what past presenting poets have done for their stage performances, please see this synopsis of our Portland Spring/Summer 2015 event. To give you an idea of how descriptive you should be, click here to see a sample proposal.

Proposals will be blind juried, which means that the selection panel will be making their decisions based solely upon the poetic works and performance plan. For this reason, we ask that you do not include your name anywhere in the submission file. However, please do include your county of residence, as well as a biographical statement, in the body of your submission email. After proposals have been juried and announcements made, biographical information of selected poets may be used for promotional purposes.

Click here to see a Sample Proposal.

Terms & Conditions

Poems will not be tangibly reproduced in their entirety in the context of Poetry Press Week, however they will be projected in their entirety on the back wall during all performances. Poets retain all rights to their creative work.

By submitting to Poetry Press Week, you agree to the following conditions:

1. Meet all deadlines

May 15, 2016: Confirm all performer’s names and other credits, submit finalized poems in Word format, and test all technological components.

June 13: All props gathered and available for dress rehearsal.

2. Attend all mandatory rehearsals and performances, including


We will arrange for consultations with each selected poet in order to ensure your show can meet the technical constraints of the space.

Dress Rehearsal

Each poet will have one hour on either June 14 or 15 to run-through their performance in the event venue. This will be a time to test all technological components and determine stage blocking.

All performers and collaborators necessary to the performance are expected to attend the dress rehearsal.


Poetry Press Week Portland 2016 will take place on the evenings of June 17-18.

Poets, performers, and collaborators are expected to arrive at least one hour before doors on their performance evening.

3. Design and direct your own show

While Press Week staff will provide individual guidance on bringing presentations to life, given the constraints of the event space, timing, and lighting, each poet is expected to design and direct a stage element for the delivery of their work.

Poets are responsible for supplying their own performers, technological elements, and/or props.

4. Relay all necessary communications to your performers and collaborators

5. Pay all of your own expenses, including travel and lodging if you are coming from out of town


To be considered for Poetry Press Week, all submissions must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. on February 29. Selections will be announced by March 15. Send any questions and all materials to submissions@poetrypressweek.com.