Volunteer for Poetry Press Week S/S 2015 

Poetry Press Week happens the evenings of June 19th & 20th at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center. Below is a description of the available volunteer roles, followed by a link to a form for those interested in taking part in the Spring/Summer show.

Volunteer Roles:
Stagehands (2) - We seek two individuals to assist the stage manager with moving props on/off stage, queuing performers, and ensuring backstage silence. These individuals must remain solely focused on this task, though stagehands will be able to watch portions of performances between duties.

Social Media Volunteers - We seek individuals that plan to attend the entire event to station themselves throughout the Press Week audience in order to take pictures and capture quotes for posting on multiple social media platforms.

Greenroom Guard (1) - Due to elements of safety and privacy, we seek one volunteer to guard the greenroom, ensuring that only models, presenting poets, organizers, and volunteers enter. This is a flex position, which means that they will be able to swap positions with Greeters for breaks.

Greeters (2) - This position is best for friendly, outgoing, and responsible individuals who enjoy a lot of social contact. Volunteers will be trained in the use of Square for accepting entry donations (credit cards and cash). During performances, at least one volunteer must remain at the table to welcome and quietly guide people in as they arrive. This is a flex position, which means these volunteers will be able to swap positions with the Greenroom Guard and Merch Table Volunteers for breaks.

Merch Table Volunteers (2) - During Press Week, the work of presenting poets will be available for purchase. Volunteers will be trained in the use of Square for accepting payment (credit cards and cash). The march table will be closed during performances, at which time Merch Table Volunteers may offer Greeters and the Greenroom Guard breaks, as well as watch the event.

Stylist Assistant (1) - Our lead stylist volunteer will be working with select poets to help make the poet’s vision reality by creating unique wardrobe and prop aesthetics. A stylist assistant will work under our professional lead stylist volunteer. Assistants are encouraged to photograph their work for use in their professional portfolio.

Hair and Makeup Artist (1) - For those poets who wish to incorporate beautifying aesthetics into their presentation, the hair and makeup artist would be asked to provide those services per lead stylist direction. The Hair and Makeup volunteer is encouraged to photograph their work for use in their professional portfolio.

Actors (Models / Readers) - The role of the actor at PPW will be to work closely with their author to actualize the poet’s vision for giving their work voice and presence. Presenting poets will review all actor applications and choose those whom are most appropriate for their vision. Depending on the author’s needs, an actor may be asked to memorize up to ten minutes of poetry; all movement on stage will depend on author needs. Models are asked to be in the green room during performances leading up to their own for ease of bringing them to the stage. During the half of the event that they are not performing in, models are welcome to watch the event. Actors are encouraged to use their work in Poetry Press Week in their portfolio.